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Default Re: Jagger & Bowie Dancing in the Street

Great dancing?? No not exactly, they look like to spastic clowns. I'm sure Tina Turner laughs her ass off everytime she sees these folks try to dance on stage. She supposedly helped shake shy Mick out of his boy/girlhood and become the lightfooted phenome!!
Obviously both of these "guys" are "great" or they wouldn't be millionaires, right? mnnnnn No!! Both have tremendous vocal range, right? mnnnnnnn No! Both handsome and manly to a fault, right? mnnnnnnnn No!
Do I enjoy Daniel Bowie and his music? No!
Do I enjoy Mick Jagger and his music? No!
I do like early Rolling Stones, tunes like Midnight Rambler, Paint it Black, 19th Nervous Breakdown and a few more.........
I don't care for most British front men/singers they all put on a very gay/homosexual act that in my younger years was a huge distraction from the music and vaulted these groups into the "Act" catagory. If these groups were new bands starting out today their perception would be different. I wasn't raised as a hater but I have more preferences just as everyone else does so in the music business I always question why theatre is used in a rock n roll band. I'm from an era were that type of "gimmick" was used to hide weaknesses also I knew I had to see and hear these groups live because the studio can lie. Saw the Stones 3 times all 3 they were terrible, they sounded like garage bands and other than jagger working hard to put on a show they are ALL ordinary talents at best. I never saw Bowie, purposely, his demeanor has nothing to do with me. Yes you can throw in R. Plant from the Zep. boys too, that fellow in his youthfull years was just creepy hahaha!!! yes I said creepy!!! Doc
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