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Default Re: How to tell you've played one to many covers

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nhzoso; I may have been to ruff on those kids but as to the song I should refresh my comments to be clearer about my sucks! There are songs written and recorded for a certain age group and its been like this since pop recordings have been produced. When bon jovi came out I was an adult so it had no value for me. Now that doesn't mean that everyone else should think that way but most adults don't look at bands that appealed to 2 to 3 generations of younger listeners the same as the kids do. I can and do appreciate some of the bands efforts from other generations then mine but bon jovi isn't in that mix. I can't believe I'm actually talking about them hahahaha!!! Doc
NP Doc, did not mean to come off high and mighty.. I am by no means beyond feeling the same way about alot of bands/musicians although I don't think it's necessarily a generation thing for me. I like alot of new bands as well as older bands. but some stuff I will just never ever get.
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