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Default Re: Having trouble asking a girl out in college

Update #2:

I decided to act on a tip of advice from someone earlier who asked about friends in common, so I decided to talk to my teacher who plays in the Zep cover band with her about her. He had a whole slot free after my lesson, so we ended up just talking about this that entire time. I just felt like it would be a really good thing to do since he knows her far better than I do, and I was still unsure about her answer.

So anyway, he said while the 2 of them are great friends in spite of the age difference (she's 18, he's 35), one thing he has never been able to figure out about her is her attitude towards dating. She's cute, she's single, he sees guys hit on her, but she has this one specific type of guy she's looking for and that guy isn't me. Combine these with some personal things that I don't really feel like posting even vague details about online in case she were to ever see this, it sounds like a relationship is not in her near future. So coming from her, it means no.

On the positive side, he said that she had told him that we talked before and that she's never had anything bad to say about me (he said he'd know if she didn't like me), and that if I ever just wanna hang out with her, he's sure she'd be interested. He even invited me to hang with them sometime. So I definitely am in the process of making a friend here at least.And I know that some people may have difficulty being friends with a girl that they were rejected by, but I think in this case it's different since I know the way she is with dating and that really it's not me why this didn't go the way I hoped it would, it's her.

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