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Originally Posted by dothecrunge
The Beatles were great, blah blah blah. The fact remains, the Beatles did not influence Led Zeppelin musically. Thier first two albums should prove that. Blues, anyone? I'd list thier infuences, but it would take a while, and it doesn't include John, Paul, George, or Ringo.

But then everyone's gonna say, but without Ringo!......................but nothing, Bonzo was not influenced by Ringo. And the same goes for every member of Led Zeppelin.
I wouldn't say that The Beatles didn't influence Led Zeppelin, The intro to Led Zeppelin's "In The Light" has a striking resemblance to The Beatles "Within you Without you". Since you don't seem to even listen to The Beatles how could you say that they don't influence Zeppelin, when you yourself are not even familiar with The Beatles music. I don't mean that in a rude way. As some one who is familiar with both bands I notice a few similarities here and there. I don't think that they are a huge influence by any means, but what I was trying to say earlier isn't how The Beatles influenced Led Zeppelin. but how The Beatles paved the road for bands like Zeppelin.

I realize Bonzo wasn't heavily influenced by Ringo, but Ringo brought rock drummers into the lime light, and since Bonham was a rock drummer, that is something he can attribute to Ringo. To say The Beatles didn't have a influence on the other members of Zeppelin isn't exactly true either. It may not be really obvious, but like I said earlier, every once in a while there is something that rings back to a Beatles song. I'll try to dig up some other similarities, but in the mean time check out the song I mention earlier.

I should make it clear that I love both The Beatles and Led Zeppelin equally, I am not trying to take The Beatles sides on this or anything, I just think it's good to know your roots.
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