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Default Re: Having trouble asking a girl out in college

Originally Posted by drummindan8484 View Post
You wanted a report, you got one!

First off, I decided to change the location of the "date" since I found out this morning from a post on her Facebook wall from her sister that she's a vegetarian, and depending on how extreme her views are on that, I didn't want that to be an issue at first. So I remembered seeing a window sticker on her car for a coffee shop and thought I'd do that instead.

The good news:
I asked, and didn't have to pull her aside or do anything awkward! to get her alone! I had to bring a small portion of my kit to class tonight, so after class was done I went out to bring my car around to the campus loading area and waited a minute for her to come out before doing so. I asked her by her car just before she left.

The bad news:
She thought about it for a second and said she'd get back to me, which I'm going to assume for now is a no.

Well at least I did it, and I could be wrong about the 2nd one. It's possible that I just asked at a bad time, or she had something else on her mind or whatnot. Maybe she'll actually get back to me on that one next week! In the mean time, I'll just relax about it and not think so much about the future. I have nothing against her honestly, so I'll just keep talking to her when the opportunities arise and maybe try to further our friendship. If that doesn't happen, there are other girls out there, and at least I know I can do it!
Well done, man, congrats! You did it! Making the first move is the hardest part.
Now take it easy, be cool, don't push it, don't rush and don't panic. It'll be alright.

Look, I met my current girlfriend at a rock show I went. She was a friend of a friend of a friend, lol. I did everything possible to be around her, I made friends with her friends, got her facebook, msn, got invited to the places she was.. etc.

It took me 6 and a half months to finally be with her. 6 and a half months, man!!! For the first two months, the girl didn't even remember my name.. so go figure.. It takes time!! Just be cool and enjoy the ride. When you look back, you'll see that this "flirting" part of the relationship is probably the greatest. ;)

Good luck, man.
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