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Default Re: If I fail as a drummer? I can...?

Originally Posted by Naigewron View Post
Wow! Didn't expact that at all; I was expecting screams. That's some serious gutteral thing you've got going on. The question is if you can get the required volume and extreme vocal stamina required to get through a gig, but if you can I say go for it.

The tone reminds me of Mikael Akerfeldt from Opeth, or a couple of the guys from the Norwegian black metal scene. Good job!
Well screaming is not deathmetal. at least it never used to be.
I had to turn the volume on the mic down because it was too bass heavy, and kept distorting, and thus had to pretty much eat the thing to get noise through.
This was also after 20 attempts at trying to put some higher vocals in, so i was already worn out.

I plan to practice quite a bit, so that i can growl for decently long sets.

And thank you for the feed back :D

Also, i was trying to go for some early Decapitated (Winds of Creation album)/Cannibal Corpse (when Chris Barnes was still with them)
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