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Default Re: Josh Freese!!

Originally Posted by T-1000
Wait a minute...if Josh played left foot on bass for a whole gig, why does he claim that he can't use his double pedal?

Anyway, really good drummer, as if it needs saying.
Josh claim about his double pedal is a joke, watch the Vandals dvd from "The Show Must Go Off!" series that Kung Fu records puts out, it's got a multi-angle feature in which you can watch Josh play the whole time (Freese-cam). It even has a picture in picture of his right foot, where you clearly see his double pedal action too, he's even got a few Lombardo inspired flurries in there. I was actually kind of disappointed because I think he's gotten lazy with his right foot and is milking his double pedal a lot more now. He's a great player but his right foot work isn't on par with Zach Hill's or anything.

It's definitely a good dvd if you're a fan of Josh, and Vandals dvd commentary is always hilarious.
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