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Default Re: Another, sick love story. YAY

i once knew a girl who climbed through a drive through window upon meeting her future husband. i say that to say that women will go after what they want.

but they also like your interest and will keep you on the chain for as long as you'll stay there (and will go to great lengths to do so). surely, you will think, she must like me if she goes to such great lengths to hold my interest...but upon attempting to seal the deal (take that however you want to) you will be met with...i thought i told you way back when that i only want to be friends with you / i'm not interested.

women like bad boys and then wonder why the karma comes back to them when they meet someone who pushes their buttons. they conveniently forget the good guy they kept on the chain for all those years.

there's no good men out there, you will hear them say.

so hop off the chain and watch her rot in her own stew.

and this:

Originally Posted by sticks4drums View Post
Don't waste your time chasing after girls that don't want you. One day you will find a girl that will only want to be with you, and you alone. Many out there. No RUSH! :)
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