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I don't get how people break so many sticks... I'v been playing for about 5 years and only broke 2 pairs of drum sticks, and I hit HARD! The Vic Firth American Custom sd10 swinger "Rock maple" drumsticks i used broke extremely fast and left the floor with bits of sawdust all over the place.. I was given ziljian sticks, im not sure what the model is but they're quite short and narrow made of heavy wood. they have never broken and the only marks on them are little bumps, no wood shavings at all. The tips started breaking today, leaving dents in my heads :/ iv been using them for so long the tips were 2mm less in diameter.. If you break your sticks fast just try out new ones, my first pair of drumsticks are still unbroken, i dont use them as much anymore as they lost their flexibility, vic firth nylon 5a sticks
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