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Default Re: Simon Phillips B-Sides - The Rarities

Hi Chaps

Today's post's mood is rock groove by powerhouse's Simon Phillips

Here's couple of tracks for you to enjoy...

"What Would You Rather Bee Or A Wasp" by Gary Moore (R.I.P.) from the album Back On The Streets (1978) a rock/fusion piece with amazing drumming.

"We're Not In Kansas" by Big Country from the album The Buffalo Skinners (1993) This is an interesting track, it's the only BC album without original drummer Mark Brzezicki who at the time went off to the world of session drumming, he's replaced here by Simon who's laying a really powerful groove that suit the song perfectly. The other interesting story of that song is that it's already been recorded by Brzezicki's on the album "No Place Like Home" (1991) and the difference between the two versions is amazing, not just from a drumming point of view, the whole vibes of the song is different. (Simon Phillips) (Mark Brzezicki)
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