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Default Re: I'm in a situation I never thought I'd find myself in... ever

You were her 2nd pick too. Follow your heart, all's fair in love and war.
You're 16, you have plenty of time for integrity. Maybe you could get a sub?
If you do pick B, own it. Be honest.
What if you stick to the original plan and B meets a guy and they become steady? You will have missed the boat being noble. F that.

To A:
I know that we had a pinky swear date, but you don't like me for dating, you just want someone to accompany you to the prom, which is cool. But now I have a problem, there's someone who wants to actually date me, and hinted about the prom. (white lie) Can you let me off the hook so I can go after her? I really like her.

Put it on her.
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