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Originally Posted by bigiainw View Post
A good few years back, I was trying to make my sticks last longer and decided to adjust my hihats so that the natural movement of the cymbals would not expose the stick to the open edge of the bottom cymbal to axe away at it. I got 2 results; my sticks lasted longer and I cracked the top cymbal of my 13" K/Z hihats. I don't worry about stick wear now, I'd always rtaher break a stick than a cymbal.

Incidentally, I use vic firth nova rock size with nylon tips. I previously used premium vic firth sticks of the same size and type and found that they were inferior in terms of lasting and lost tips much more regularly than the novas. I've never had any quality issues with the novas either.

Just saying...

When Vic Firth first put out the deal that if you bought 12 pair they would write your name on them, so I said what the hell but to my supprise they were not american classic and were the novas. Now normally I dont break sticks I just wear out the vic firth 5bn's on the hats till they get so thin that the ends just fall off and have only lost one tip in 12 years and they replaced the pair when complained, but I broke all but a few of the nova in only 3 gigs, even broke 3 in one song, lost some tips on a couple others. I dont know if they make them any better now but the problem was the grain went on an angle thru them about an inch from the tip to just in front of your hand and it would let go on the grain and usually on rim shots. I was later told that the novas are made from the wood they reject for the american classics.!190&sc=photos

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