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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by Paul Quin
Chick Corea commented that the most amazing thing about Gadd is that his technique is "perfect." Few would disagree (even though I know Stu Strib believes he holds the sticks too far away from the fulcrum - and Stu's prior history of posts gives his opinion some credibility).
I would disagree. Steve Gadd is an awesome groove drummer, but his technique is far, far from perfect. His left hand fulcrum is indeed miles too far back, even worse than Weckl back in the late 80s. If you ask Weckl for his views on that grip these days you'll get a nice understanding of why that's a big technical problem - it severely reduces the amount of rebound you can get.

Gadd is also generally speaking kind of tense, and his balance seems kind of funny. But he manages to turn all of that into some of the most amazing groove playing ever. I just wouldn't ever come close to describing him as a technique master. Watch some of Gadd's videos, then watch Joe Morello for a while and spot the difference!
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