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Default Re: Having trouble asking a girl out in college

Originally Posted by drummindan8484 View Post
Semester's almost over, but that's definitely not the case here. If I actually can ask her, I kinda see this as a win on all possible levels.

1. Possible girlfriend
2. Possible friend (this one's kinda already started)
3. In the course of 2 years, I went from barely having talked to girls to asking one out. I call that progress
4. If she says no, than I know what I did wrong and will know what to do differently next time.
5. If she says no and comes back next semester (a lot of people do), than I can always try again if she's not taken.

Thing is though, I never thought about trying to come up with some big plan to woo her. Just thought I'd do it the easy way, just start talking, strike up a friendship, go out somewhere casual and see where it goes from there. So far it seems to be working out, just gotta do step 3!
I can assure you that if you ask her out and she says no then you will never be able to be just friends. There is just always going to be that sticking point of the fact that she didn't want you that will drive a wedge between you. You can't just ask someone out just so that you can say you did. It shouldn't be about that. Also if she says no then it's just pointless trying to come back to it because she's not going to change her mind and you're just going to end up torturing yourself. Besides, my guess is that by next year you'll have probably moved on. Of course it's quite difficult to see that right now because you've got yourself in this state about this one girl.
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