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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Ok, I will start off by apologizing for rambling. There are a couple of stories I remember reading about Gadd that are relevant to the recent posts about his abilities and his making an occassional mistake. I will paraphrase these articles to the best of my recollecttion. If anyone knows a better version, I would appreciate your corrections. In one article, Steve was asked if he practiced. His response was something to the effect that he practiced on his set in the basement sometimes and that sometimes he had good days and sometimes he had bad days. I know that feeling well. There are days that I play when I feel like I can do nothing wrong and there are days that I wonder why I even try to play the drums. That makes both Steve and I human. That is why I like his drumming, because it is played with feeling and not robotically. This may not have always been the case with Steve. The second story involves when Steve was young and playing in a big band, I guess in the Rochester area. The band leader always got onto Steve because he was always spot on with the score. One time after a song, the leader laughed because Steve was off during most of the song. In looking at the sheet of music he was reading from, Steve found that some coffee had spilled on the music blotting out one note. Steve played the whole song from that point one quarter note off.
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