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Default Re: Having trouble asking a girl out in college

Originally Posted by sticks4drums View Post
Well you won't meet Miss perfect, but you might meet someone that is just right for you. I did. :)
Lucky you. Seriously though, I know exactly how the OP feels having been in that exact same position myself this time last year. It was my first few weeks at university, I was on my own and felt really isolated. I thought that I just HAD to find someone to make those weeks on my own more bearable. So there was someone in my course who just happened to play the guitar. After weeks of agonising over how I was going to woo her (I even thought of playing a song on the piano in one of the tutorial rooms lol) it eventually hit me; I didn't actually really like this girl at all. I only fancied her because I felt lonely and she just happened to be the most appealing girl in the class (out of about 5 or 6). I'm so glad I didn't go for it because I know I would have regretted it straight away. So make sure you've asked yourself if you really like this girl or it's just first weeks of college syndrome.
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