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Default Re: Simon Phillips B-Sides - The Rarities

Hey folks,

Not as much posts as I would like to see on this thread, but I see that it has been viewed quite a few times... so I'll posts some more.

On today's post I want to share with you some fast shuffles from Simon. Stamina and endurance at it's best.

"Space Boogie" by Jeff Beck from the album There And Back (1980), fast, ghost notes, dynamics and it's in 7/4.

"Face The Face" by Pete Towhsend (The Who) from the album White City (1986), this is a live version at the Brixton Academy Theater in Brixton, London (same year 1986) (I was there !!!),he play the secondary snare with his left hand and the suffle on hats with the right hand and when he switch to the main snare, it's the opposite way, impressive, he's completely ambidextrous.

"Moonshine" by Ian Gillan (Deep Purple) from the album Naked Thunder (1990), a driving suffle groove with a splendid Phillips trademark's intro.

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