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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

"Not the best technically speaking (I really think he's not very fast and not technically amazing nor has great chops,"

you're joking right?

It is good to see that people seem to get Gadd's musicality and his taste - but - some folks seem to think that this is all he's got and that is why he so well known. I am mystified as to why. Yes his musicality and innovation and taste are outstanding but so is his technique and so are his "chops." It is almost bizaar that on a drummer's forum anyone would have to defend Gadd's chops. Chick Corea commented that the most amazing thing about Gadd is that his technique is "perfect." Few would disagree (even though I know Stu Strib believes he holds the sticks too far away from the fulcrum - and Stu's prior history of posts gives his opinion some credibility).

I can only think that those who post such opinions are unfamiliar with the vast body and range ofg Gadd's work.

Mystified in Tampa
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