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Default Hello world!

Hi, as you probably guessed, im new here!
You can call me Anto, Im 17 and have been fascinated by drums since.. forever >:D
I live in Ireland, with the green dancing midgets and what not haha
My arsenal of destruction consists of a Mapex Meridian Birch kit:
-13x10 tom
-16x16 floor tom
-18x16 floor tom
-24x18 bass drum
-14x6.5 snare
-Zildjian A custom 16" crash
-Zildjian A custom 18" crash
-Zildjian A custom 20" ride
-Zildian A custom 14" hi-hat
I also own a Roland electric drum kit for these irresistible urges to play drums at night (lucky neighbors!)
I listen mainly to old hard rock, the real stuff ;) The Who, Guns n Roses, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Queen and pretty much every thing with some interesting drums and lead guitar work!!
Other that drums, I'v been playing piano since i was 9 and mess around on the guitar from time to time ( dont we all??)
Anyway, thats about all i can think of right now, any questions are welcome!
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