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I've been thinking internal bass drum mic for a while, but couldn't afford any at the moment. So yesterday I came up with this solution. I have couple of spare stands and clamps. Mic is mounted on a shortened boom from Millenium stand (threads for counterweight turned out to be exact size for the mic). Other parts are from shortened Tama cymbal stand and also Millenium clamp for mounting it inside the bass drum. The boom might need to be shortened some more and I've been thinking to add a memoryclamp to hold clamp in place. I used Dremel, file and sandpaper to cut and smoothen the parts. Here are the pics:

The only problem that I can see is that the vibrations will transmit directly through the rack tom tube and into the bass drum microphone causing some sub audio frequency discoloration. I was never an advocate of placing a microphone in the enclosed environment of a bass drum, but if it works for you, all well and good.

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