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The great thing about Dailor is that when he plays, the fills are like grooves, and the grooves are like fills. There is a seamless transition, which, as finns said, makes his playing sound more 'natrualistic' (however you spell that).

I liken grooves and fills to working and holiday-ing. Too many drummers posses a very 'work-man-like' approach to grooves; this is what puts the food on the table for them, and they just mechanically churn it out, careful not to upset the other musicians. Only in fills are they allowed the chance to shine, express their creativity, and so on, so the fills can be considered the holidays in this analogy.

However, you're allowed, what 1-2 weeks off a year? Why not enjoy your job as well as the holidays, if you see what I mean. It's cool to see drummers providing feel and creativity in their grooves as well as fills, keeping ALL of their playing fresh and inventive.
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