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Default Re: Having trouble asking a girl out in college

Originally Posted by Anto View Post
1) Be good friends with her, make little jokes to loosen up your relationship etc..
2) Try hang out with her after school times, then walk her home or to her bus stop
3) Before she leaves, ask her the question or try to make a move, this will make things a lot less awkward afterwards, if she says yes, you will have time to think about how you should talk to her tomorrow, avoiding the awkward "er....what do we do now..?" and if she says no, she leaves anyway!

PS: Try do that when it's dark, 10x more romantic and people seem more open during that time. As a bonus, people wont be able to see you as well :)

Thats if you're a kinda jazzy man, If you're a rocker dude just jump straight in ;)
I was a rocker drummer and at school I was petrified of girls.

Absolutely scared of them.

Massive low self esteem.

Honestly I think drums were a way out for me.

Out of feeling low.

They provided me with a vehicle where other people use them in a different way.

I practiced and practiced because that's all I had.

3 members of the cover band I was in were all Irish aussies from a big Irish family and they had so much confidence.

Girls would hang off them.

I used to cop"you're such a snob or "you're arrogant"

I wasn't really.

Just found it hard to hold a conversation.

Sometimes humans judge people having not known them.

But they were very good to me and in lots of ways ,broke me from my shell.

P.S. All I can say is Op,is be confident.

I need a few beers myself but you seem to be a person with more intelligence than me.

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