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Default Re: Having trouble asking a girl out in college

Hey man,

First of all, I must say it takes a lot of balls to enter a place like this and ask such a intimate and vulnerable question with such humility. It leaves a good impression of you, at least for me. ;)

Having said that, I'd like to ask:
1) What age are you? Teens? Twenties? (I think it's not the same how you approach a 15 year old girl than a 26).

2) Do you have any other social interactions with her? Like friends in common, birthday parties, go to the same clubs, concerts or places?

3) Are you a friend to some of her friends/girlfriends?

Overall I think Larry's advice is cool. But if you're having a hard time, I'd also try to "maximise exposure" in non-school activities. That will give her more time to get to know you in a more relaxed environment. After all, that's what you want by asking her out. Everytime I met a girl I was interested into I did that, found out who her friends were, what things she liked and found my way to be around them before making the move.

Also, it's easier if her friends like you!

Anyway, I'm no casanova but that's my humble advice. And hey, above all things: don't panic, don't desperate, keep your cool and be confident. ;)

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