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Default Re: Having trouble asking a girl out in college

I'd like to add my bit too...
Most women won't go out with men they do not know but of course there are exceptions. Young men spot a woman they like the look of and immediately go steaming in like a cruise missile. Unfortunately this often has the effect of scaring the girl (Who is this guy? Why is he hitting on me?) and that's a bad start.

So my bit of advice is... women mostly like to go out with men they already know. If you come over as a fun, exciting kind of person that she already knows then you are home and dry for certain. Hang out with her set and let her get to know you.

She may still say no if she doesn't fancy you but at least she has had a chance to see what she is getting. You have to be prepared to accept a no, but you've made a friend, haven't you?
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