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Default Re: Having trouble asking a girl out in college

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
This is a common problem. Something or someone always seems to get in the way so there is no proper private moment between both of you.
You have to create the moment. You have to pull her aside and say what needs to be said.
It isn't easy. We all experience this.
You just have to walk up to her and look her in the eye and say something like "Do you have a moment" or "Can I speak with you for a minute"
Don't forget, She will feel just as you do. You will take her by surprise. You will both have an awkward moment. That is the common ground. If she is interested she will talk to you.
This may work. Or who knows, maybe there will be some way that we'll be alone sometime in the next few weeks. Every week is different, one of the first times I talked to her alone was because there was a massive traffic accident on the highway that everyone got stuck in and we were the 1st 2 there, so who knows what next week will bring. Thanks for the help though!
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