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Default Re: Having trouble asking a girl out in college

It's always up to us "Rock" dudes to learn you "Jazz" cats how to score chicks, isn't it?
O.K...... no matter how many people are around her .... you walk up to her .... and be polite .... say "excuse me" if she's actively engaged in any type of conversation .... (that usually will give you the floor, if only because so few people these days are polite) ..... "excuse me, but I'm working on a song idea ... and I was wondering if you and your guitar could maybe help me out .... you know ... with some ... like ... chord changes .... and progressions .... like .... I have some ideas .... but I'm not a guitarist ... and I like your playing ... "
Now, saying that, in your own words, is gonna probably take less than a minute. Here's where you prove that you're not some I'll prepared slacker. You hand her your "business card" .... or at least a piece of paper with your name and phone # on it already. Don't ask her if she has a pen, paper, etc. ....looking thru your backpack .... that's lame. Be prepared! Boy Scout Motto!
So, you said your deal .... you handed her all the "pertinent" information ....
Politely leave, saying something like "I don't wanna hold you up ... give me a call .... and we'll set up a date.
Now, look for her reaction ... if she wants to continue conversation with you .... by all means, stick around. Situational awareness. If she's still "busy" with other people ... then you leave. Maybe as you walk away, turn back to her, and if you have eye contact ... flash her the universal sign language "call me" ..... and be off.
After that, you're on your own. Good luck.
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