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Default Having trouble asking a girl out in college

OK first off understand that I'm a bit on the shy side so that's what's making this situation worse. Now here's the problem.

There's this girl who plays guitar in the community college jazz band with me. We talk a decent bit and she seems to like me at least as a friend, so I figured I'd ask her out for lunch sometime before class. The only problem has been finding a way to get her alone. Last week (it's a once a week class) I tried to do so before class only for the timing to not be so great, and she seems to always end up leaving class before I do. We do get a break in the middle for about 15 minutes, but there's usually too many people around to do so.

So my question is, is there any possible way to ask her out even if there's people around in a somewhat discrete manner? Pulling her aside perhaps, asking her to wait for me after class, anything? I already know how to ask and everything, I just can't find the right time to and it's really frustrating me.

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