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Oh jeez. Words can't say how obsessed my dad is about Genesis. Plays their music allllllllllllllllll the time. Since I was born. I swear I almost know the whole Genesis catalog by a lifetime of what I call, "Genesis by Osmosis" .Some days I'll get up at 8am to Cinema Show, eat lunch to Dance on a Volcano, try to watch a movie in the evening with "Supper's Ready" churning through the apocalypse section, then go to sleep at 1am with a twenty minute Chester/Phil battle raging down the hall. It's insane. INSANE!!

Btw a cousin of mine is a drummer in an emo metal band and her favorite drummer is Phil. Interesting...

JohnW: I'll watch the clips you posted when I get home. My dad will definitely be interested in watching them...
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