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Originally Posted by Skulmoski View Post
The two most important things I learned in my photographic journey is:
1) It is all about the light.
2) Use a tripod as much as possible.

Enjoy this art medium.

Photo 1: Drumskull Drums
Photo 2: Drum Room: African Bells
Photo 3: Drum Room

Love these photos. Nicely composed/ "made."

I am going to do a project on musical instruments around my house for a course i'm on, so this is good inspiration. In terms of lighting I have a Canon speedlight which I hope I can utilize - other than that its just natural light. Do you use flash or studio lights for your pics at all?

I am also interested in African music - playing a gig tomorrow night as a 3 piece with 2 African ladies - im playing guitar and doing backing vocals as they are both better percussionists than I!!!

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