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Default Re: How personal are the stories you share on this forum?

Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
Reading the OP again, I thought he meant relating personal stories from outside of DW - bandmates and other associates.

If we're talking about within DW, the same courtesies should apply, but the nature of the online world is a little different because of the anonymity people feel with their sense of remoteness - much like drivers on the road who will cut you off because they feel isolated from the rest of humanity while locked up in their cars. For some, normal social inhibitions sorta go away.

My sensitivity toward the feelings of others (in traffic, online, or in the real world) diminishes when it becomes clear someone's MO is running roughshod over the courtesy and sensitivity of others without a thought or care. I could be a little more magnanimous on this, and I often do give it more thought after a round of push-back, but at the risk of sounding like a hawk, I'm not entirely convinced that turning the other cheek is always the best course of action because it takes that timely feedback out of the loop.
Yes, I meant sharing personal stories that involve people outside of this forum, who may somehow read or get wind of something you posted.
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