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I always loved photography and my parents bought me my first film camera as a 1st grade graduation present, lol. I started making money with photography by doing portraits,weddings and some commercial when in my teens. When I started in television in 1974 I took this craft one step further with doing film commercials in both 16 and 35mm and later video including doing most of the studio lighting at the station. Through the years I've shot just about everything, from charging bulls to alligators to perfume bottles and expensive precious stones. I was enlisted to shoot on still film, an outdoor concert by Maynard Ferguson and Chubby Checker back in the mid seventies, so I've been around for quit some time. I still shoot a lot of pictures mostly with a dslr, although I still love the film formats that obtained over the many years such as 4 x5, 2 1/4 and 35mm and I still have my darkroom to accommodate film processing and enlarging.

Photography in one way or another, always had a big influence in my life.

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