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I wasn't priveleged to see Phil and Genesis in their hey day ,having lived in Australia but I did go to the Invisible Touch Tour.

The audience all came for the hits and I came for the In The Cage (Los Endos) Medley.

Really boring audience they had.

Noone was really into em having only probably heard the latest stuff which I don't mind but I came for the proggy stuff and boy was I blown away.

When Phil came on to join fellow legend Chester Thomson(Zappa's One Size Fits All oyeah),I was amazed at the amount of left foot work he was doing with the hats.
He was doing a kind of splash with the cymbals in Los Endos.

Tony Banks wall of keyboards and the varilights creating this otherworld cave of colour-I was in heaven,transported to a greater place.

I remember as a kid thinking I was born in the wrong country even though now I've realised Australia aint bad at all and we have alot of talent but prog rock just seems to escape Australian listeners.


I still know if Rush ever came here,they would sell out the 15k tennis Centre at least 3 times.

My wish is to see Rush perform in Australia.

My last wish.
No i'm not dying but the band I grew up idolising as a 14 year old teenager(now I'm 45) I might never see in my lifetime.

I even played in a band doing a few Rush covers as an 18 year old when I was a Rush freak.

I used to wear a cape LMAO for one metal gig I was that into Rush.

Missed out on Tull.

Anyway,was a fan of the 70s Tull so no loss.

Barlow,Anderson,Barre,Palmer(hes a she now but I still love her lol),Evans,Glascock.

Peart was the one and David Jones(Aussie legend) at a clinic who inspired me to be a better drummer.

I will cry tears seeing Rush in Australia.

I will cry.

Please Rush.

Come here just once!

I know it's hard to bring all the gear over and I know you don't like to compromise but it would be the most amazing thing on Earth.

All the Aussie Rush freaks like a family.
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