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Originally Posted by Cuban View Post
I respect your opinion....but your wrong! ;0)

Have you heard his work on albums such as Selling England, The Lamb and countless 1970's sessions?

A totally different drummer to the '1980's Phill Collins style.

Did you know Buddy Rich had asked Phil to work with him just prior to his death? Does that not tell you something about the respect he had / has?
John Bonham before he died, mentioned to a young Jason Bonham that he wanted to him to drum like Phil Collins. He loved Phil and Genesis so much that he gave his son two albums; Second's Out and Duke.

I read that Jason met up with Phil years later to tell him that story.

Josef Zawinul wanted Phil to play in his solo Syndicate group but Phil declined because he could not read music.

Drummers indebted to Phil Collins as a drummer: Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Nick D'Virgillio, Brann Dailor.
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