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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Hope this helps, for the angles and placement question, I asked Steve earlier, this is what he said:

I orginally got all the right angles by having Tommy sit down at the kit(we were on a rental kit for all the publicity dates[12/04-1/05]) and get everything in a comfortable place. I measured the height of all the cymbals, toms, etc. from the ground to the titler or rim. All the settings were secured with memory locks at every adjustment. When we were getting ready to start the tour(1/05), I designed the "Red, White & Chrome" kit based around these measurements. I used the same method building the "Dog In A Blender" kit. As far as getting everything completely dialed in every show- it took at least a good two weeks worth of shows to get everything the way he liked it without any incidents... It was pretty stressful early on.
2) Tommy is very specific when it comes to placement of everything on the kit as well as all the electronics settings. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the latest samples and was very involved when we were creating the ddrum sounds for the main kit as well as the flying techno kit.
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