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Originally Posted by bonham990
Bonham hands down is my favourite drummer i love his power behind the drum set. His ledgendary triplets and who can forget about his right foot! my god he is better and maybe faster then most people that have a double pedal
whatever.. that is bullcrap... i've heard john bonham's triplets and they are great but no.. just.... NO. you can't say he is "better or maybe faster" than most double pedal users...... i am so frickin' sick of all you boring little single pedal players who are like "aw well i can make my single pedal sound like a double by mixing it up with the floor tom" etc. or "i use heel-toe technique" or whatever (try using heel-toe on two pedals).. ..just admit it: for heavy music you can't beat the sound that a good double pedal or double bass drum player can punch out.
listen to virgil donati, danny carey or raymond herrera.. or tim alexander from primus

anyway, yes john bonham rules...... but i have never liked moby dick.
non-drummers always ask "have you heard moby dick?? it's amAzing drumming!! can you play it??" etc. but i just find it boring and repetitive to be honest (sorry).
but i love bonham's playing on just about every other song from "2"
especially the first two tracks
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