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Default Re: What made you want to play drums more than anything?

Originally Posted by ElvinBaRkerDennis13
inever really got into drums, i was a jazz trombonist...which is kinda....not as cool as drums! but in about 10th grade i decided that i would do percussion, and i decided i wanted one...i joined drumline...was bottom bass, got most of the crucial parts, and now im gigging like two years turns out im actually pretty good, but i still play the trombone too
I feel for you on this one times two. I was a jazz trombonist too, but my best friends were our alternating drummers in our outfit. One was kind of a hack, but the other was brilliant, to the point where he still intimidates me with his playing today. And my dad, who was like first chair trombone at BYU in all bands when he attended in the late 50s never approved (though I was and still am an incessant tapper). As such my desire was supressed for a long time (though I practiced in the car, air, everywhere) until I finally made a decision to get a set after college... Well the Navy really dominates your time, so eight years later I finally got around to it and bought my first set. Lo' and behold, in no time I was gear head, a cymbal-holic, AND had my own band. I adore it to death.


BTW, I have pulled the trombone a couple of times to play the Mariachi beginning of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" before I settle back behind the set and kick out the song Social-D style. My chops aren't what the used to be, but my beats are getting better and better.

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