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Default Re: Simon Phillips B-Sides - The Rarities

Originally Posted by Ian Williams View Post

First off - well done, nicely structured and put on reality.
Now I'm enjoying my time with this thread and fixing to come back for the attack with some Simon's B-sides - The Rarities...which I like the most.

Simon Phillips - Dancing Men / Buddy Rich Burning For Buddy.


Michael Schenker Group - Simon Phillips Drum Solo, 2010


Hi Ian

Thanks for the kind comments

Loved this version of Dancing Men, Big Band drumming requires big energy as well as subtility, Simon's got it all, loved the drums & bass bridge, amazing...

The solo with MSG show Simon's more athletics approach while soloing in a heavy rock contest. I do have the original Michael shenker's Group "Armed and Ready" album circa early 80's, but unfortunately, only on vinyl record, so it lays in a box in a cupboard (sigh...)

Thanks for posting

Cheers :-))
Keep On Drumming
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