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Default Simon Phillips B-Sides - The Rarities

Heys guys

This thread's for the fans of the muli-styles talented super session drummer Simon Phillips who has recorded with hundreds of artists in almost any styles of music.

The idea of this thread is to show and share some of Simon's little gems and treasures through his, sometimes, not so well know brilliant work via the mean of videos, mp3, mp4 etc.

I have followed Simon's career from 1980, I eventually went back to the start of his session work from 1974.

So please post your videos and mp3 of Simon's rare or forgotten recordings here on this thread. I'll be delighted to discover "new" tracks I didn't know about.

So here's the first 4 links to start this thread with some magic grooves from the Man:

Sunshine of Your Love by Toto from Through The Looking Glass, I know it's not really a rarity, but it's a special one for Andy, I know he loves to play this track :-))

Behind your Dark Eyes by Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake, Alaska) from Look at Me Know (1981). A lovely 16th notes feel in this groove...

Camino Real by Duncan Brown from The Wild Places (1978), a very young Simon on this track, with John Giblin on bass (later in the 80's he played for Simple Minds).

Head The Ball by Bernie Marsden (again) from And About Time Too (1979), dream rythm section here, Jack Bruce and Simon, phheeww!


And if you have an anecdote about Simon, tell us the story...

And please post some vids :-))
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