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Default Re: Drummers of Motown

Hey listen your not exactly in the main stream area of music, no offense. The Motown music lives on every day here in the States on "pop radio" and its played as much now as it was then. Ofcourse the kids dictate whats done in the studios their the ones buying the crap. What do kids know about it anyways, they bought millions of dollars worth of Monkees, Abba, Kiss, Miley Cyrus etc. theres kids music that remains kid like then theres young peoples music that grows to adulthood just as people do who understand quality music and talent. The Kiss guys aren't exactly the Temptations and the Monkees won't be mistaken for the Four Tops. Tell me something, who today is as good or better than Marvin Gaye? Thats right, No One! So hey it is touchy and its absurd to compare the eras.
Their are young people in the "new" R&B music who are very aware of the R&B from the past and you can clearly hear the influences of Stevie Wonder in many vocalists and your starting hear grooves from the passed recycle into the "new mainstream"! I think you might be listening to "pop crap" in kiddy land white radio. Maybe Abba is a big influence in the Netherlands, I assure you in the States the kids are getting down to soul and heart again. You just don't know where to look, different times different measuring sticks but the focus remains on the beat, the groove the lyrics and keeping it true to the Soul! It'll come around over there in time your kind a off grid so to speak. Doc
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