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Default Re: Drummers of Motown

Originally Posted by eric_B View Post
Touchy subject ;)?

Maybe you didn't get my point. When I said it doesn't seem 'hip' anymore I mean it's nothing like what I hear on the radio over here everyday and also not what seems to be on the minds of the young kids these days. And their tastes seem to dictate a lot of the music that's produced nowadays. A pity...
Now I understand better what you meant in you original comments, however, it will depends on the radio stations that you choose to listen, I, for one, do not listen to "top 50 charts music" radio, most of it is so irevelant to my taste in music. Also, not only young kids are listening to music, everybody does.

To me the influences of motown's music and drummers are still pretty alive these days and the work of drummers like Benny Benjamin, Richard Allen, George Brown, Hal Blaine and percussionists like Eddie "Bongo" Brown and Jack Ashford have infulenced many generations of drummers, even that, at the time we didn't know who was playing in these records, it's very alive in some drummers today.

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