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Default Re: Drummers of Motown

Originally Posted by Doctor Dirt View Post
Hip anymore??? Your kidding right?? Its Motown it goes nowhere but into the hearts of people with soul and grooves!!! The studio has long been closed and time moves on but recorded music stays and its very much "alive" who says its "Not Hip Anymore" and to mention it or compare it to todays music? What music from "today" compares to Motown?
Your kidding right? What is todays music thats rendered Motown "hipless"?? Doc
Touchy subject ;)?

Maybe you didn't get my point. When I said it doesn't seem 'hip' anymore I mean it's nothing like what I hear on the radio over here everyday and also not what seems to be on the minds of the young kids these days. And their tastes seem to dictate a lot of the music that's produced nowadays. A pity...
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