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Originally Posted by wontgetfooledagain
I think you should probably back up your statements. Led Zeppelin probably owes more to Cream than it does the Beatles. Where is the definite blues influence in the Beatles music? Aside from the fact they were influenced by Chuck Berry (not really blues) it isn't really there.
Alright! Lets try this again! Hopefully It won't time out again.

Rock music hardly got any recognition before The Beatles came along. Guitar based rock music was viewed as a fad, something that would blow over. If The Beatles hadn't of made it big, early rock bands like The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, The Who, The Kinks, and other wouldn't have never gotten any attention. Remember that all of these bands had been around quite awhile before Led Zeppelin came along.

To specifically address the subject of Cream influencing Led Zeppelin, look at it this way. If The Beatles never made it big, than the Yardbirds never would have made it either. If the Yardbirds never made it, Eric Clapton never would have met John Mayall, who never would have introduced him to Jack Bruce, who never would have started a band with him, thus never having a Cream to influence Led Zeppelin. To really go into detail about the Yardbirds, dig this, If The Beatles never made it big, then neither would the Yardbirds, who never would have eventually hired Jimmy Page, who never would have put the New Yardbirds together after their break up, who never would have changed their name to Led Zeppelin.

The way I originally typed this up was better, but this gets the point across.
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