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Default Re: Share your art.....

Originally Posted by Thaard View Post
Or kit-builder which the program is also called..
Well not really... I'll explain:

The source of the images for the shells and cymbals are from DW's kit builder, you're right, but I downloaded them elements by elements, not as a whole kit, otherwise you cannot "move" the parts for futher use, they are PNG images, the Zildjian logo are PNG images too, the drum heads are from Remo web site. Both the Hi-hat, bass drum pedal and the K logo are my own design with excel. All these images are then put together on Excel were I'll arrange them carefully and then I add the shadows to create the 3D effect of the drawning, it is then copied & pasted in a photoshop software and then saved as a jpeg image. The Picture in my avatar is the same image with a black background.
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