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Originally Posted by ryanlikealion View Post
Good suggestion. I'm just starting to think about where I'm going to find 12 elderley people and how i'm going to convince them not to smile. I think i need to learn some lighting basics first - although I did that courser last year i did nothing with flash gun or studio and want to get confident with this before involving ppl (flah gun that is - can't afford studio lighting!)

Love the work by the way. Good going.
Just like in drumming, learning your craft is important and so is integrating and applying it to the context in which it lives. When you push yourself to master the mechanics of making good photos while managing the personalities and logistics it accelerates the process of you developing your own point of view with your photography.

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
I'm mainly a portrait photographer, my blog is here:

Not sure how inspirational it would be, but there it is.

I keep trying to expand my business but it's hard when you play drums and do audio for a living. The people that I've noticed that have gotten good at their business, have usually lost everything first ;)
I was the most inspired when I was doing primarily editorial assignments. The irony is that journalism is a brutal profession and can often be very uninspiring. I don't know if I've LOST everything to get my commercial career stable, but it did COST everything. I've had to reoutfit (or turnover) all my gear probably 5 times in over 20 years in the biz.

I've said it before. I'll say it again and my back agrees with this. Being a photographer and a drummer is stupid. I should have been a writer and a flute player. ;-)
Philippe - Eat, Sleep and Drum.. .. it makes for a good weekend.
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