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Originally Posted by tambian89
I have been practicing my Bonham Triplets lately. Although I don't need to tell you this, I can do a triplet with one foot, but not at the rapid fire speed Bonzo did it. When you look back, it's amazing to realize that this is where the seeds of Rock and Metal drumming were "Plant"- ed (oooh! bad pun by me!). I think The Beatles created the starting point for Rock, but I really believe Led Zeppelin is the greatest rock band to ever have existed; They were able to innovate and make the sound The Beatles created into something with more dimension. Each member was great as his own instrument, and when they met together, it basically became like a superpower in music. Anyone else feel this way, or are you going to shoot down my proposal as quickly as usual and insult my already bad pun? Haha....

- Marc
I agree with everything you said except the Beatles part. The Beatles didn't start anything.
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