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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

A re-introduction of sorts as I have been "away" for a while..

Real name? Dave
Age? 44
How long have you been playing? 22 years
Origin of user name? I am a slave AGAIN to my lovely kit.
Your top 5 drummers? Seriously? That's like asking my favorite sex position, I like them all..
Make of drumkit? Premier Signia Marquis
Make of cymbal? Mixed
Where do you practice? My shoebox of a living room, wanna jam?
Are you in a band? Several projects at this time.
Do you play covers or originals? Both
What style of music? Rock, Jam, Improv., Jazz
Favourite take out food? Take out is garbage in my opinion.
What country do you live in? U.S.A.
One really odd fact about yourself? I have 3 arms.
How did you start drumming? Long story short; Went to see a band with a friend, was inspired to play in a band, wanted to play bass at first, friend bought a bass and I got stuck with the drums. I actually liked it and stuck with them, even though after all this time I still suck..

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teach a kid about music.
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