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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

Well, the answer is... there is no one best pedal. Honestly though I think most would say the Trick. I owned the Demon Drive and traded it for the Speed Cobras because I didnt like the Demon Drive. If all you want is speed though the Demon Drives WILL give you that. They are extremely smooth but way too light for me. I have heard that the Axis feel even lighter which is hard for me to believe. Flo Mounier and Joey Jordison both play Demon Drives, Chris Adler and tons of others play Tricks. You will ultimately have to go check them out and find the ones that feel best to you.

Originally Posted by deadlydrummerw3c View Post
help me out
i,m a little confused..
tel me
which 1 double bass pedal i shud buy for gr8 speed, smoothness..
1. pearl demon drive
2. axis x-l2
3. trick dominator

suggest me d best 1...
for thrash metal/progressive/n metal songs...
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