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Doctor Dirt
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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

I'm a little older than you guys and I love a rockin' Polka, you too??
Age=I'm old
Playing exper.=I'm old
user name=given to me by fellow musicians a few years ago
top five drummers=Chick Webb, Buddy Rich, Chris Columbus, Elvin Jones, Doctor Dirt.
Drum kit= 1992 Premier Signia (Saphire) Doctor Dirt snare drum (african mahogany) 5x14
Cymbals= Sabian HH 16/18 (all first year production) Sabian 21" Dry Ride. Zil. 14 rock
Practice= in my mind when its not to cluttered.
............the End! Doc.
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