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Default Re: Steve Jordan bass drum size?

Originally Posted by diegobxr View Post
Yeah, looks like a 20" to me too. He also sets up a secondary kit on his left, with some bigger hats, a ride, snare and a sort of small diameter cannon-like bass drum. (a 16"x20" maybe?) I thought your thread was about that one!!! hehe.

Awesome player. Pure groove.

Steve Jordan + Pino Palladino = Probably the best possible rhythm section. Any guitarist's heaven.
Yea, that one is pretty crazy. Its a 12"x22" DAXDAD by yamaha. But normally his main is a 24". Then after watching this video for the 300th time I noticed that #1 I loved the kick sound, and #2 it wasn't a 24, so I threaded it up.
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