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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Thanks for the kind words and for making it to the clinic. Here's your answers in numeric order:

1. I worked with Joe on some demos with Jim Peterik in Chicago. Not sure what ever happened with those recordings.
2. I worked with John over 2 days, again with Jim Peterik. It was a blast for me as I always held the UK records in high regard. We did 4 songs and I think 2 or 3 ended up on John's records years later I believe.
3. I did not study with the gentlemen you mention, and I think Alan was long dead by the time I got there.
4. I don't remember any of those guys you mention being there. If they were, I was unaware of their presence.

Hope you enjoy the show on the 16th!

Stillgroovin' and Trip-----

Thanks a lot!

Hey Matt----

I really appreciate your kind words and feedback. Thanks for getting it, watching it, and for sharing your thoughts with me. I hope it continues to entertain....and inspire you to get behind your kit.

Thanks again,
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